My Writing Process

Hello readers, writers, and people of Venus alike.

I have been writing a lot of short stories lately, to take my mind off Flamma, which was eating up every single one of my brain cells. I started on one about aliens, and one about mermaids – I know, I’ve got a wild imagination.

But bear with me.

So, I realised a lot of people have a step by step, methodical way to write a story that they like to share with aspiring authors, but let’s get real: writing a book is probably the most hectic thing in this universe. It messes with your mind. A lot.

And so, ladies and gents, I present to you, on this 28th of March 2014 at 9:00 p.m. …

My writing process – including a few Thor 2 references. Mwahaha.

(Insert little piano tune)

10:30 on a Saturday night …

Watching movie very casually: Oh my God, Thor I swear, you cannot have your arm cut off WAAAAAAAHHHH NOOOOOOOO (wailing)!!!!!!!!

Later during movie: Hahahaha, oh Eric you’re so funny, but stop traumatizing me and put on your pants.

Sitting on my bed after the movie: What if I wrote something about a scientist and his niece who get captured by aliens, one of which happens to be a six foot two male of the dark and handsome variety … Let’s do this (fist-pump)!

Two pages and a half later: It’s late and I have to sleep but I need to WRITE.

One page and a half later: Oh God I don’t know what to write anymore, where did my inspiration escape(sob-sob-sob)!! Life is so difficult, why won’t my brain work for once!!!

Two lazy paragraphs later – which happens to be a week and half later: Oh my God I have an idea.

Two pages later: I don’t know what to wriiiiiiiiiiiiiite.

Two weeks later: Good God, I really need to edit this.

Two minutes later: I should change this. And add a word here. Oh God that’s just wrong. Wait, maybe tenacious instead of stubborn … Oh God backspace, backspace, backspace NOW!! Oh, I love this so so so much!!! Wait, that makes absolutely no sense …

Edit done, back to story-writing …

Two hours and a half later: I don’t know what to write, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LIFE (slamming head into keyboard)!!!!!!!!!

And that was my writing process!

Whenever I write, I usually have an idea for the beginning and the end, but not the middle! I mean, it’s fun knowing that you’re going to have baguette with mustard on the top and mayonnaise on the bottom, but I ain’t eating no mystery meat! And there is the problem, ladies and gents of all universes. I am Intro-clusion-obsessive.

And I absolutely and also quite obsessively adore adjectives and all those lovely vocabulary words that describe stuff, so my introductions are usually nine pages long, and extremely confusing. So I have to edit them, but it feels like I’m cutting off so many juicy terms and basically tearing out my story’s beating heart, and it feels absolutely terrible!

Since I’m probably the laziest person you will ever encounter in this universe – and beyond – I’m probably going to post a tid-bit of my alien story that was, in fact, inspired by Thor 2 – I mean, what is there not to be inspired about?! Anyway, it doesn’t have a name yet, so when I post it, I’ll be sure to remind you to try to find a suitable and quirky enough title for it. Since you don’t know anything about it now, I don’t expect anything, but you could think up nice alien-y puns … If you like …

Love you guys, comment, like and all that beautiful stuff, and don’t forget to follow for awesome posts that will undoubtedly blow your mind with their amazingness!

Computer hugs,

Emma 🙂

P.S. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit in a sci-fi mood. I watched Thor 2 – which doesn’t have aliens, but has outer space – and read I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore and Michelle Proulx’s Imminent Danger for the third time (I never thought I’d ever enjoy sci-fi as much as I would probably enjoy petting a unicorn, but I was proved wrong. Of course, it’s not the same kind of enjoyment – Imminent Danger is after all an action-packed alien comedy love story, but it’s really awesome and here is a link to the author’s blog. No shame in promoting a wonderful author and her equally wonderful book, especially if it is one of your favourite books. Seriously.) and I keep having the overwhelming urge to watch Star Wars or Star Trek. Any extra-terrestrial recommendations?


P.S.S I forgot to link Michelle Proulx’s website earlier, though you can check it out now. Sooooowwwwwyyyy!


2 thoughts on “My Writing Process

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you for sharing and Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

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